Say Goodbye To Baby

A quick recap for those of you not playing along at home; I have three boys ages 9, 6, and 4.  The four-year-old is about to turn 5 and I’m getting a feeling that it’s time to say goodbye to babies.

My baby is going to be 5 years old!! He’s entering kindergarten in 4 short months.  It feels that we have always had a baby in the house for the past nine years. Having a nice spread of time between our kids has led to the increase in time that an item is used for.  It’s only been quite recent that our little boy has been in a regular bed, up off the floor and everything!  It really is true though, your youngest will always be your baby.

It helps that mine has a little lisp.  All “Ss” are thick “ths” which makes everything he says “Sthuper cute.”

Tonight as we are doing bath I realize that we may have forgotten to teach him a few things.  After all, he is the baby.  Why would he need to know how to wash in the tubby?  He needs that time to play with boats and buckets, making volcanos of water.  But with a fifth birthday and kindergarten looming around the corner, things would be smoother in our house if all my children were taking showers.

He comes out of the bath and requests his Batman towel complete with a hood that goes over his head but now the towel barely covers his bum.  He looks into the mirror and makes his surprised face with wide eyes and says “I have ears?!”

It’s time to say goodbye to baby hooded bath towels and children’s liquid medicine dosed out in those little plastic cups with markings so close to each other on the side.  It seems that the difference between 1tsp and 1.5 tsp is razor-thin, right?  Goodbye to having to do water chasers because he doesn’t like sweet fruit drinks; no fruit juice for this baby.

I still help him get his jammies on and off and put socks on those piggie toes.  There have actually been several weeks, maybe months now (I could be in denial) that he has been doing these things himself.  When I see him in the morning and act incredulous that he has completed his socks he erupts into giggles and giggles.  And it’s those cute baby giggles that seem to spill out over each other like a bubbly fountain.

Have you ever noticed that little kids’ feet are constantly moving?  Even as they are sitting relatively still, those little feet keep swirling and toes keep wiggling.  During diaper changes I made it a point to press his feet to my cheeks, to remember how little they are and how big they are getting.  I remember the day that I noticed that his feet were touching the whole side of my face.  Oh, what a sad day that was.


Time to say goodbye to the baby belly.  Well, not yet, but soon I know.  As I look at my first grader I see no trace of the baby belly he had.  I have to slyly tickle to get to my baby’s belly button.  I dissolve into a smiling buffoon making silly noises whenever he absent-mindedly picks up his shirt and shows his belly.   Oh my god so cute!  still so round and full. 

Say goodbye to his hair twirling at night.  Every night when getting tucked in, both hands would go up to his head to twirl.  His own self-soothing method that the other two boys never did.  I would have to ask our patient hairdresser to always keep the top a bit long so he could twirl himself to sleep.

Saying goodbye to him needing assistance for getting the last scoop of yogurt out of the cup and feeding it to him.  Saying goodbye to him falling asleep on the couch, cuddling into your shoulder as you carry him up to bed.  Not too much longer and carrying him will become more difficult to do. (Yes that means I still do carry him on occasion. :))

Five years seem to have gone by truly in a blink of an eye.  I know my time has come to be baby-free but I will always coo and smile absurdly when I see another mom with their baby.  I wonder if one of them would let me lean in and get a breath of their new baby smell.  I’m guessing probably not.

I will just have to reminisce with my own “baby.”  Tonight I will tickle that belly, stare at his toes, and breathe in his freshly bathed scent real deep as I carry him off to bed.  One more day of baby.



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