The Beginning


Every story needs a beginning.  I guess it’s a good place to start.

In the wee morning hours of Feb 20, 2014 I was closed-eyed, wandering into my third son’s room to breast feed him.  The third child is supposed to be the easiest, or at least easier than the first two.  But mine was proving this theory wrong as he was the worst sleeper and the worst eater.  He had some oral motor problems that kept him from eating solid foods so it was my job alone to keep his nutrition needs met.

As I gathered him out of his crib, I put my hand on the side of the rocker chair and plopped my weight down, same as any other feeding.  Except this time I wasn’t in front of the chair.  I was standing at the side of the chair and fell straight down to the floor with my full, 2 a.m., sleep-deprived weight.  On the way down the back of my head struck the edge of the changing table.  And in that instant my life path changed.

“You have a concussion,” my primary care doctor announced, when I saw her two days later because of nausea, dizziness, and a building pressure feeling in my head that felt like my brain was trying to come out of my ears.

“Lie down, get some rest.  You should be better in a few days.”

A few days turned into a few weeks has turned into almost 4 years.   Along the way I have had 2 more concussions from whiplash injuries provided by, you guessed it, my third son.   Both times he was sitting on my lap and he moved his head backward as I was moving my head forward and heads collided causing my head to whip backwards.

One thing I’ve learned is that you don’t actually have to hit your head to have a concussion.  The simple quick back and forth motion of your brain bouncing off the inside of your skull is enough.   And another fun fact is that once you have had a concussion, it puts you at risk for more.  If you continue to have concussion symptoms after 4 weeks you now will be diagnosed as Post Concussion Syndrome.  No one knows why some people get this and why others not, why some seemingly simple injuries never heal and other more severe injuries do.

I guess I’m just one of the lucky ones.


Peace & Love


my beginning

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